September 12, 2018 (Wednesday)

AVA Sanction Number: 111205

Rated: 2B

Distance: 10K/5K

START POINT: HOLZER PARK (Rest Area on west side of street)

                           Montgomery Street (US 195)

                           Uniontown WA

                           Parking is on street (do not block the Rest Area Parking)

START TIME/REGISTRATION:  The walkers from Spokane will leave at 8:00 am and travel south to Uniontown, 17 miles south of Pullman on US 195.  We will register upon arrival (9:45-10:00) depending on the construction and traffic between Spokane and Uniontown.

NOTE:  If you are planning on attending and not traveling with us from Spokane let me know so we can walk together after registering.

FEES: This is a free walk for all wishing to join us.  For those wishing IVV/AVV credit for distance and/or events the usual $3.00 fee applies.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: Walkers will walk on sidewalks and street/road shoulders in this small town in southern Whitman county.  10K with 5K in Uniontown and 5K in Colton, 2 miles to the north on US 195.

ESVA Challenges:  Whitman County, Winery

‚ÄčAVA Special Programs: US Post Offices, Walking the USA A-Z (U), Walk in a City Park

POC:  Allan Heritage, 360.904.7236 

Lilac City Volkssport Association