Lilac City Volkssport Association

Scenes from Wallace Weekend (and Kellogg Too)

August 23-25


UPDATED 9/4/2019

Pulaski Tunnel from Trail Overlook

Historic Northern Pacific RR Depot (Museum)


Walking in Eastern Washington and the
Idaho Panhandle

  Historic Kellogg RR Depot  (Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce)

Volkssporting (sport of the people)

Volkssporting is an adventure in health, recreation, fellowship, and fun consisting of non-competitive events such as walking, bicycling, swimming, and cross-country skiing. Each event has a pre-marked course, written directions, and/or maps to follow while enjoying the company of family, friends, and fellow volkssporters. the volkssporting philosophy recognizes that everyone who participates is a winner and eligible for an award as described in the event ads.